Donna Martin Graduate!

Donna Martin Graduate!

Anna Faris on Conan discussing her Barbie whorehouse. I am so glad I’m not alone in that one, am I right, girls? I know a lot has been said about gender normative roles and realistic body figures on dolls, but truth be told: most of us made those hos TWERK! I will never forget the time my BFF/neighbor Ashley* (name changed to protect the innocent) got in trouble for the following:

Ashley: I’m going to go upstairs and have sex with my husband!

Ellen: Sounds awesome!


Ashley: (gulp) I’m going to go upstairs and have sex with my husband?

Ashley’s mom: I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap! Get in the kitchen. NOW!

Ashley: You better go home.

Ellen: Sorry.

Ashley’s mom: You need to go home, Ellen, so I can wash Ashley’s mouth out with soap!!!!

AND SCENE. Truly one of the most horrific/hilarious moments of my childhood. Do parents really wash their kids’ mouths out with soap or is that just an old-fashioned threat? I’ll never know what happened to Ashley that day but I did always envy her for having that gigantic Barbie mansion—that we pretended to live in together and have sex with our husbands in?! At least we were thinking marriage. Ah, to be a girl in the 90’s…

Happy 50th Birthday, Uncle Jesse! @johnstamos 

Happy 50th Birthday, Uncle Jesse! @johnstamos 

Remember the time Kennedy interviewed Dave Navarro inside his coffin table? My weird rock obsessed friends and I envied the crap out of her! I kind of really want to read Kennedy’s memoir The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses now. Other fun fact: who would’ve guessed Goo Goo Dolls’ “Name” was written about her? I kind of wish I became a VJ after all!

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes solo in “Waterfalls” as performed by a nerdy teenage boy in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston movie We’re The Millers. This is almost as good as the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” singalong from Step Brothers, and I am very excited!

Fresh out the box Stop, look, and watch Ready yet, get set It’s All That! 

Fresh out the box 
Stop, look, and watch 
Ready yet, get set 
It’s All That! 


“Young Hollywood 1990’s. No stylist or high heels. Instead: baggie clothes, pimples & healthy weight.”

- Former child star Candace Cameron Bure, sharing a vintage photo - and important message - with her fans, on Instagram

I *might* have squealed at JTT’s return to TV on Tim Allen’s new show. JTT, Home Improvement, Tom and Huck (RIP Brad Renfro), what an era for having crushes! Fun fact: my cousin’s prom date was JTT’s roommate at Harvard!

Recommended reading: Ned Hepburn’s piece “Is It Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away?” comparing the career arcs of Kurt Cobain, who would’ve turned 46 this week, and Billy Corgan, seen here in a bizarro furniture wrestling ad that will air during the Oscars telecast. The world IS a vampire.

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